Ruth has more info!-Interview with QCBC

Media guru Ruth says, "I haven't seen the manuscript myself, although I have had a sneak at one chapter, and I have just signed off on the media release, so I know a bit about the story. I will be leaking some details on what I know over the next few weeks."

Ruth further adds, "What I do know, and what is striking about COCET, and that of JK Rowling's latest book, is that they both contain narrative dealing with child abuse. One main difference here though; JK herself stated that her novel called for 'insane' planning. This hasn't been the case in COCET, as it is based on the truth, and therefore is known to Tyler intimately."

Ruth added, "COCET has a foreword written by The Police Chief at the time, (more about that on another blog), which lends credence to the story line. When you take this into consideration, COCET sets itself apart from most crime novels. Other story tellers pull away from the subject of child sex abuse; as do most publishers. Yet it has the dubious distinction of being responsible for the biggest increase in crime in most parts of the globe, let alone New Zealand, where we are one of the worst countries in the world for child abuse"

Ruth signs off with, "I will release part of the book cover next week along with details around the characters new and old. And more about the Police Chief, and what some of the advance reviewers had to say."