QCBC and Ruth Money reveal part of the C.O.C.E.T front cover

Ruth Money, private victim advocate, and media guru for QCBC and IR Tyler, says, Hope Arises fans will be pleased to see that C.O.C.E.T characters include Tom Ross, Jane King and Dr. Fiona Gordon, but that it also introduces new ones, as well developing others like Owen Marks and Anna Farley.

She has revealed that the foreword has been written by Jim Gamble QPM, the first CEO of CEOP UK, and, when it was still run as an independent National Child Protection agency. She says, 'This gives authenticity to the story and having now seen a bit more, you just can't make this stuff up!'

The full cover may be released in January a few days ahead of launch, but for now here is a little teaser below. More to come soon.

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