Welcome to the official website and home page of exciting new author Ian R.Tyler. The website contains lots of information about the author, his history, and insider knowledge of the true investigation that both C.O.C.E.T and Hope Arises are based upon. With Ian’s lead character Tom Ross guiding, you will truly experience a global criminal investigation through the eyes of the senior investigating officer. One that will see him use police tactics, once reserved for drug barons or terrorists; now used against the new criminal on the block — the child sex offender. The website includes a ‘hidden victim’ confidential helpline where wider victims of the child sex offender can get free help and assistance through the “CB Network."


A new series of detective novels, on a new crime, from a unique author, about a crime of our times. The online paedophile burst onto the scene not just within a country or two; but exploded on a global scale, virtually overnight. As quick as the internet expanded its web, so did the child sex offender. There were no borders, no restrictions and no superhighway cops. Travelling at the speed of light; the commodity wasn't drugs. It was our children.

This is a tale of survival of the human spirit. A story that will strike at the very heart of all parents, from an author who is a world leading expert in his field, and uniquely able to tell a story that is not only jaw dropping, but also one which is closely based on the truth. It happened, be a part of it; and at the same time learn how to protect your children.


 If you are adversely affected by reading these books please refer to the advice given at the beginning of them.