Based on the biggest ever international online child abuse investigation, the new novel Hope Arises tells the story of DI Tom Ross, a complex, highly motivated child protection officer who battles police politics, technology and global boundaries to identify the depraved paedo master “Son of God” (SOG). With SOG behind bars Ross seamlessly replaces him with an undercover officer (UC) exposing the horrific scale of internet paedophilia.  

A heart wrenching true account of a small number of detectives thrown into a world where they need to find courage, initiative, creativity and overwhelming spirit as they face some of the toughest of human situations. They have to make the right decision on every occasion in a new policing world where there are no procedures, policies or guidelines to go by. They cannot make a mistake, ever, otherwise a child will remain at risk from abuse and an offender free to continue abusing children. A new breed of detective novel, one that really places you in the investigation team.

Ian Tyler, an ex-copper who spent his career working in the dark and dangerous world of criminal intelligence, is out of the top-drawer when it comes to crime investigation. No-one is better placed to write thrillers that will have you gripped from page one.
— Michael Bilton, acclaimed investigative writer for The Sunday Times, BAFTA nominated author of 'Wicked Beyond Belief', and Emmy award winning documentary film maker of 'Four Hours In My Lai'

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