Based on extraordinary true events and set within the world of global cyber-crime, DCI Ross returns with his unique set of skills. Still haunted by not finding ‘Michael’ in time, Ross forms a special child protection task-force, and spearheads an international team of gang busters who infiltrate the largest-ever paedophile ring headed by the ‘The Lord’. Among their targets: the Russian Mafia who are laundering their money through the City of London.

Ross and the team arrest the ruthless Russian gang, only to be targeted themselves by the ‘Pakhan’, who sends cold blooded black-op assassins hell-bent on settling the score. The stakes couldn’t be higher. In a race-against-time, can COCET succeed? Or will blood be spilt!

C.O.C.E.T (Combined Online Child Exploitation Taskforce) is volume 2 in the ‘Hope Without Borders’ trilogy, and the sequel to the now acclaimed Hope Arises. COCET tells another amazingly true story, following closely the formative and precedent setting years of CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) UK, and is another nail-biting account of an ingenious team living through incredible life-threatening events as undercover crime-fighters.

“When other storytellers pull away, Tyler holds his nerve. Can You? Tense, gritty and suspenseful, it’s a roller-coaster ride based on extraordinary true events. I know because I was there.” Tracy Edwards MBE, former Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), World Youth Conference Organiser.