Tom Ross, Jane King, Dr Fiona Gordon; Patrick Smith, Anna Farley, Niall Mullins and Michael are all characters that feature in COCET. Characters that are either developed or new are;

Archie Donaldson

Time served competent detective who has a twinkle in his eye and a wife who cooks him breakfast no matter what the time of day.

Mitchell Hayes

A quiet and analytical detective, who provides all the banking evidence through his financial investigation skills.

Owen Marks

Archie's partner in crime. Man Utd supporter and new undercover officer.

Anna Wilson

New COCET team member that makes up the operations team with Archie and Owen.

Sarah Dorsey

Corporate communications expert for COCET and GOPOL. Home force Yorkshire, but on loan from the National Crime Squad to COCET. Tom quickly becomes dependent on her.

Louisa Greenwood

From the NSPCC and there to keep an independent eye on what COCET does, which brings her into conflict with Tom.

Dr. Nick Sharpe and Dr. Sue Tay

Southern Digital Evidence provides COCET with its forensic teeth. Nick introduces another expert to Tom, from GCHQ.