White Elephant Training (WET); what is it?

It is a bespoke early identification and intervention training package aimed at parents, professionals and staff training them to be able to recognise threats from both the virtual and real worlds against themselves, families, colleagues or friends from predators with criminal intentions. It then provides them with the knowledge and tools with which to protect themselves and others.

Who is it for?

Parents and professionals who work with children such as Teachers, carers, health and family services. Agencies who deal with vulnerable people such as NGO's, agencies who deal with offenders such as Correctional or Prison Services, Probation and Law Enforcement. Also health and well-being practitioners and major employers who provide health and safety training or business continuity.

Why is it needed?

White Elephant Training seeks to provide health and safety training through the delivery of ‘Understanding the Grooming Process’, whether for sexual gratification or any manipulation of a susceptible person for criminal purposes. Child Protection is not solely the domain of government agencies with the topic being regularly reported on in the media with Royal Commissions, international and national inquiries, together with government and interdepartmental investigations; both at home, and abroad. In the internet age, child protection has global reach, and with our digital daily life now merged with our real one, it is no longer appropriate for anyone to consider themselves immune to the issues surrounding child sex abuse. Sexual grooming is involved to some degree in every sexual crime. 

The sector has various victim focussed agencies in child protection, but none are able to deliver all three sides of the grooming process; victim, offender and police, within a single educational package. Whether we want to hear this or not, but New Zealand is in the top five worst countries for sexually abusing its children. The ongoing impact to victims of this abuse costs New Zealand around three billion dollars a year. You, or your company, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, cannot rely on the current justice system; it is overwhelmed by the high number of cases of child sex abuse, especially historic cases and the Police are not resourced to cope with it. Anne Tolley, a New Zealand MP admitted very recently that the statistics were alarmingly high. The Tasmanian Government is currently under taking a complete review and restructure of how child protection is handled. The crime is acknowledged both in New Zealand, Australia and globally as being 90% under reported, has one of the lowest detection rates, and one of the poorest funded areas within law enforcement. 

It is a medical fact that a victim of child sex abuse will have some medical or mental trauma that will stay with them for life. For many, that means a life time of behavioural traits that go unrecognised and untreated leading to sickness and time off work. An employee whose child becomes a victim, themselves, become a secondary victim which can and does lead to time off work and a lack of focus when there. In a time of cut backs and ‘working smarter’ many companies now have staff who are single point of failures, which can effect business continuity. Companies and associated outlets should work in an environment of high ethical standards and compliance. To provide training to your staff on how to protect themselves and their children from becoming a victim of sex abuse or violence makes good business sense.

White Elephant training provides strategic and business benefits for all, delivering minimum key objectives around the safety of our most vulnerable, crucially identifying the risk, and then providing a balanced solution to that risk.

Training Modules, what are they?

All training is bespoke following a needs analysis phase. Broadly, modules will be presented as evening classes, half or full day courses, depending on what level of training is wanted or required. All training is facilitator based with group exercises.

How do I get it?

If you want this training, or to discuss the content, or explore how it can help you or your business capacity, then email white-elephant-training@hotmail.com for more information. A full needs analysis and business case submission, with options, is provided.

Extra Info

The training can be obtained through licence, purchase, WET facilitators, or train the trainer. It can also be provided in languages other than English (Conditions may apply)