Advice for Child Sex Offenders

If you are a child sex offender; internet viewer, maker or supplier of child sex abuse images, or someone who sexually assaults a child of any age and you read this book, stop what you are doing, your actions are criminal. If you become distressed through guilt or fear, seek assistance or hand yourself into the nearest law enforcement station together with your hardware. If you are someone who is living with the disorder, who is managing it and have not offended, then your thoughts alone do not make you a criminal. But it does make you much more liable to offend. Help is available to you from confidential helplines that are designed to keep you from acting on those urges such as, Circles of Support.

Victim Advice

If you are a victim of child sex abuse, or an adult that was subject to sex abuse as a child, and need assistance; you should go to the Police, your Doctor, the Samaritans or other similar victim advocacy group. Their details can be found on the internet or in the telephone directory. If you are a hidden victim, such as the mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife or partner of an offender, and want to understand more about what happened to you, then the helpline at is available to you for free, wherever you are in the world. This helpline is also free to victims who are considering reporting a crime, but wish to know more about the process before they do.

Novel and Website Disclaimer

Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. To maintain anonymity identifying characteristics and details of physical properties, occupations and places of residence have been changed. Any resemblance to actual persons has been done with their consent, or otherwise, is purely coincidental. No character in this book is to be inferred as an accurate or actual representation of any person, living or dead, as the traits, habits, and mannerisms of many were combined and meshed with the author’s imagination to create the characters contained in these pages. The story is set in a time period prior to actual events. Organisations such as Police Forces, individual people, places and times have been changed; sometimes even genders have been changed. All current novels by the author are works that contain accurate police procedure, as far as it can be whilst operating within legal constraints. However, they are based on the truth.