‘The CB Network’

The Carol Boyd Network has been named after the character in Hope Arises, but is dedicated to the real person Carol Boyd is based upon, Sandy. Her story is there for you to read. How the author came to meet her, is not. This is the truth.

At the initial meeting with Sandy the first few minutes between them were tense, as Ian gained information about her situation. As she described events, and the timeline, it became clear that the Police had attended her home as a result of Operation Hope, and Ian recalled which urgent case it was. Sandy was not a random victim of some other operation but actually a woman directly affected by the real Operation Hope. He told her the news and waited for a reaction. For Sandy it brought her to the beginning, to where it all started and a point from which she could begin to understand.

Ian spent the next three hours taking a full account, going back over twenty years of Sandy’s life. Every point was covered and every question was answered or given understanding and meaning by Ian. When Ian left that day, he thought he would never hear from Sandy again and that she would be forever stuck in her life, not being able to move forward. The rest you know (see Sandy’s foreword).

Ian R. Tyler has been dealing with victims of crime for 30 years, providing support at the sharp end and it hasn’t stopped since he retired. He continues to be a committed victim supporter for all types of crime and believes firmly that some victims can be hidden from view and thereby not catered for. As result of his career with the Police, CEOP, and the meeting with Sandy, he has created a victim support help line called the 'CB Network'. Its purpose is to give anybody in Sandy’s position, an opportunity to talk about their own situation with somebody who really understands the sex offenders cycle of offending, and the consequences to the wider victim. They can do this for free and in complete confidence. The help line is also free to victims who are considering reporting a crime, but wish to know more about the process before they do.

Communication should first be through the helpline, hopearises@hotmail.com or by using the form provided below. From there future discussion can be arranged to suit the need of the individual. The hope is that a group of victims may find similar assistance as Sandy did, from which point they can become their own network of survivors, and who over time may wish to help others if they are able.

Note: This help line does not replace any form of medical treatment you may be receiving.

If you are adversely affected by reading these books please refer to the advice given at the beginning of them.