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Posted: 18.07.2013

"Hope Arises" released on Amazon.Com- Available from 19.07.2013. "Hope Arises" is the first in a series known as the 'Hope Without Borders' trilogy. The novel currently only available in digital format but soon to be released in paperback.


The final pieces of art work for the paperback cover is being put together, and then it will be submitted for a proof print. With a bit of luck and a following wind it should be available late September or early October 2013! 



DI Tom Ross, has been promoted to DCI. Det Sgt. Mo James, has been given an extension to stay after reaching retirement age, and has been made Acting Detective Inspector in charge of Allensbury CPU. Tom, now heads up a new Child Protection Team along with Jane King who is now Acting Det Sgt. There are others moves and changes in the next novel in the series. Work has begun and chapter two is complete. Chapter three is in an advanced stage. More news about some of the characters to follow.


IR Tyler listed in 'writers-to-watch' list 2015-Second book in the Hope Without Borders trilogy due out 2015



Long awaited sequel due out January 2016. More details to be released next week.


Long awaited sequel C.O.C.E.T is to be released 28.01.2016 NZ time. The new novel by Ian R. Tyler will be available through Amazon, Copy Press Nelson, NZ, and all good book stores. It will also be available through this website direct from the authors shop and will be signed by him personally. Postal rates from NZ apply.

If you are adversely affected by reading these books please refer to the advice given at the beginning of them.