Is this Jades Law?

Rt Hon Ann Tolley, minister for police in New Zealand says, that a disclosure procedure would allow for a partner of an offender to be informed of information if it met the right criteria. Is this beginning of Jades Law in NZ?

NZ Sex Offenders Register

New Zealand Government agrees to suggestions from Ian Tyler and the Sensible Sentencing Trust of NZ and signals an intention to incorporate a disclosure mechanism within New Zealand's Sex Offenders Register. Prior to now they had been adamant it would be fully closed. Ian Tyler applauds Minister Ann Tolley for taking the right course in child protection

IRTyler takes part in Auckland public debate

Author I R Tyler took part in public debate as one of four expert panel members discussing a Sex Offenders Register for New Zealand and Stop the Suppression. Tyler and chat show host Derryn Hinch represented the panel for a register and against name suppression whilst the NO camp was represented by Dr Gwenda Willis and Kim Workman. Adversarial in nature the debate was held at Auckland Grammar School.

Paperback Award!

Congratulations to Lynsey! The stats can't be ignored; you are currently my number one fan and have won the first paperback off the production line. I will sign the book personally and send it to your home address. Thank you for your time and support! Keep a watch out for the paperback update in the next 48 hrs.

Next Novel News

Work had commenced on the next novel in the 'Hope without Borders' series. Chapter two is completed and Chapter three is in advanced stages. See the 'News' page for exciting new information on Tom Ross and the officers from Allensbury Child Protection Unit


Art work for the paperback cover is nearly completed. New date of release is end of September early October 2013.

Hope Arises

The new novel 'Hope Arises' by author I.R.Tyler is now available in digital format through and Amazon. First novel in the 'Hope without Borders' series.

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