Press release-Hope Without Borders Chinese Translation project

Ian R. Tyler Announces Launch of Kickstarter Campaign to Translate Hope Without Borders into Chinese – and Fight Child Sex Offenders

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to translate the “Hope Without Borders” series into Chinese.  “Hope Without Borders” is an important series of fiction based on fact novels that expose the nature of online child sex abuse and the hard work done to prosecute these criminals and protect children across the world.  With 20% of the world reading Chinese, the translation is vitally important.

August 22, 2016

Child sex abuse is rampant on the internet and touches every nation and culture.  With over 20% of the world speaking Chinese, this makes the fact that there is little information available in Chinese combating this criminal drive frightening.  Author Ian R. Tyler, the man behind the “Hope Without Borders” trilogy, addresses these issues in a real and serious way; hoping to help alert Chinese language speakers to the nature of this threat.  Tyler recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to translate the “Hope Without Borders” trilogy into Chinese, as a way to introduce Chinese speakers to the threat posed by child sex offenders online via the fiction based on fact stories, rather than less likely to be read non-fiction exposés or other less appealing methods of learning.

“The ‘Hope Without Borders’ series of novels are inspired by my work in child protection,” commented Tyler.  “These stories are based on real life and very frightening child abuse cases that occur online and are investigated both in the online and real world. The stories depicted in these novels are based on the truth and they serve as both a lesson, and a warning to the world.  With 20% of the world population speaking Chinese I feel it's vital they learn about these crimes and risks, so that Chinese language speakers can protect their families and are inspired to expose these criminals.  Every donation could literally save a child's life.”

According to Tyler, the hard work of finding talented and willing translators has been accomplished, but they are unable to dedicate the time to do the translation without being paid.    This is where the crowdfunding campaign comes in and those interested in helping protect children from international child sex abusers can help.  Even very small donations are greatly appreciated.

The campaign has set a goal of 25,000 NZD to pay the translators and complete the other necessary work needed to come to market with “Hope Without Borders” in Chinese.

The series has won a great deal of praise for its English version both in the US and UK.

Heather C., recently said in a five-star Amazon review of “Hope Arises”, the first book in the “Hope Without Borders” series, “This is a novel about a very difficult and unpleasant aspect of life but is still one that should be told. The child abuse aspect is dealt with sensitively and much is left to the reader to imagine and the main story focuses on the pursuit of the offenders. The international aspect of such crimes is well explained and the author clearly has extensive knowledge of a world which most of us could never imagine. The description of what it is like to work in a police team on Child protection and the stress of trying to catch these abusers is portrayed with such realism you are totally hooked into the unfolding drama. I look forward to the next book and hope that this book is taken up and made into a film so that this story can be told to a wider audience.”

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QCBC announces Chinese translation Kickstarter project

QCBC has launched a Kickstarter translation project to fund the translation of the 'Hope Without Border' series into traditional Chinese, a language that represents 20% of the speaking world. More details will be made available in a press release in the next 24hrs; for now though, the Project can be found here

C.O.C.E.T available on Kindle

QCBC announces that following repeated demands, C.O.C.E.T, the new seat-of-your-pants blockbuster by author Ian R. Tyler will be available on the Kindle platform from 27th March 2016 NZST.

Authors shop open for business!

An author's shop has been added to Ian Tyler's website and it is now live. It provides the capability to buy novels using credit and debit cards. Purchasers through this route will get the option to have the novel signed personally by the author. Shipping rates apply, and are listed in the ordering process.

C.O.C.E.T release more news

The new novel C.O.C.E.T by Ian R. Tyler will be released 28.01.2016 New Zealand time and will be available through Amazon, Copy Press Nelson, NZ, and all good book stores. Shortly after release it will also be available through the authors shop on his website Any purchased this way will be personally signed by the author. New Zealand postal rates will apply and be advertised.

QCBC releases book trailer

QCBC and author Ian R. Tyler collaborated with Auckland VFX artist Sam Edmonds to make the following video. Check it out! Don't forget, if you want to get these updates and more, then turn your notifications on in Facebook, or save this blog.

Video Link

QCBC and Ruth Money reveal part of the C.O.C.E.T front cover

Ruth Money, private victim advocate, and media guru for QCBC and IR Tyler, says, Hope Arises fans will be pleased to see that C.O.C.E.T characters include Tom Ross, Jane King and Dr. Fiona Gordon, but that it also introduces new ones, as well developing others like Owen Marks and Anna Farley.

She has revealed that the foreword has been written by Jim Gamble QPM, the first CEO of CEOP UK, and, when it was still run as an independent National Child Protection agency. She says, 'This gives authenticity to the story and having now seen a bit more, you just can't make this stuff up!'

The full cover may be released in January a few days ahead of launch, but for now here is a little teaser below. More to come soon.

Video Link

Ruth has more info!-Interview with QCBC

Media guru Ruth says, "I haven't seen the manuscript myself, although I have had a sneak at one chapter, and I have just signed off on the media release, so I know a bit about the story. I will be leaking some details on what I know over the next few weeks."

Ruth further adds, "What I do know, and what is striking about COCET, and that of JK Rowling's latest book, is that they both contain narrative dealing with child abuse. One main difference here though; JK herself stated that her novel called for 'insane' planning. This hasn't been the case in COCET, as it is based on the truth, and therefore is known to Tyler intimately."

Ruth added, "COCET has a foreword written by The Police Chief at the time, (more about that on another blog), which lends credence to the story line. When you take this into consideration, COCET sets itself apart from most crime novels. Other story tellers pull away from the subject of child sex abuse; as do most publishers. Yet it has the dubious distinction of being responsible for the biggest increase in crime in most parts of the globe, let alone New Zealand, where we are one of the worst countries in the world for child abuse"

Ruth signs off with, "I will release part of the book cover next week along with details around the characters new and old. And more about the Police Chief, and what some of the advance reviewers had to say."


Ian R. Tyler releases name of forth coming novel

Ian R. Tyler reveals that the new and soon to be released novel is called C.O.C.E.T
- media manager and marketing guru Ruth Money, says, that the acronym stands for Combined Online Child Exploitation Taskforce- and that it will only be available in paperback to begin with. Ruth says more will be revealed about the book later this week.

I.R.Tyler listed in Writers to Watch in 2015

I.R.Tyler has been named in the writers to watch list for 2015, nominated by Real Marsha Wright, author of #1 Best Selling Book, Ian has recently featured on Campbell Live NZ and One News NZ providing expert insight and knowledge on paedophile criminal behaviour, and through the eyes of their many victims.

Is this Jades Law?

Rt Hon Ann Tolley, minister for police in New Zealand says, that a disclosure procedure would allow for a partner of an offender to be informed of information if it met the right criteria. Is this beginning of Jades Law in NZ?

NZ Sex Offenders Register

New Zealand Government agrees to suggestions from Ian Tyler and the Sensible Sentencing Trust of NZ and signals an intention to incorporate a disclosure mechanism within New Zealand's Sex Offenders Register. Prior to now they had been adamant it would be fully closed. Ian Tyler applauds Minister Ann Tolley for taking the right course in child protection